Scrap Healthcare-Revamp Medicare

I think we should scrap a new healthcare plan and revise an already in place medicare to include those who can’t afford medical care…I think more control can be made to cut costs for elderly so none would have to suffer yet if the elderly are able to pay more costs under the current program payed soley by medicare that would be ok…I wouldn’t mind paying extra to accomidate those who can’t afford health care or can pay per income vs living costs health care cost reductions. Letting medicare pick up the tab they can’t afford.


About miketodd50

Hi, I'm mike, single not looking for anyone to marry, once was enough. I've enjoyed back packing the USA, Meeting new people and then moving on. I'm a Christian through and through. Right now in my life I'm caring for my aged parents. Dads 78 to be 79 in april and mom recently turned 73... we have a wonderful view, from our home, of the snow covered cacade range in wa. state that lasts until mid july. The wild flower season starts here at the last of march and lasts with diferent varieties coming and going until the next snow, usually around thanksgiving to stay. We have a beautiful location at 3500 ft elevation and within 25 miles of Omak where we may find most all our needs.
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